Innovative Trends that Will Transform industry

The Indian healthcare industry in recent years has undergone major changes with the help of several technological innovations. Many new players in this sector have redesigned the old technology and treatment and brought medical facilities to the far corner of the country.

Recently, Deloitte Touche Thomas Twind has predicted that the US healthcare market, valued at about US $ 100 billion, will grow to US $ 280 billion with a 23% CAGR by 2020 due to increased digital adoption.

Indian entrepreneurs spoke to experts in 2018 about various trends that are changing the healthcare industry.

Focus on digital health:

We cannot challenge the fact that technology can make people live longer and live a healthier life. From surgical robots to “smart hospitals,” technology has revolutionized healthcare. According to Rekuram Varadharaj, co-founder and COO of, it is expected to remain the same in 2018.

“The main theme for digital health and healthcare technology is user empowerment and engagement. This autonomous user theme fully intersects with the trend of accelerating Americans, especially in smartphones.

Digital Health Focus. Varadharaj has made” rest “(patient) users wisdom and enthusiasm who understand their needs and are actively seeking relevant assistance from qualified practitioners.

Employee predictive analytics in healthcare:

The number of online pharmacies is increasing every year, and Indians are catching up with the trend of buying drugs online.

witnessed the enthusiastic activity estimated to be 50 online pharmacy startups in India, with another discovery and convenience coming to the fore.

The Internet of Things That Changes the Healthcare Environment:

According to Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, CFO and Manish Sacheti, some of the trends that will change the face of healthcare in 2018 are the rise of wearables, the Internet of Things, and big data.

“Technology is being developed at a rapid pace and is seen as a reliable tool for long-term health monitoring systems.

The evolution of IoT (IoT) is from monitoring the remote integration of smart sensors and treatment devices. you’re maintaining their safety and health, and when used effectively can lead to many changes in the healthcare sector through the use of advanced analytics and high-tech data.

Improved results with technology:

Predictive analytics helps the healthcare industry respond to current challenges and plans for future needs.

Sacheti believes that predictive analytics that improves outcomes, real-time patient monitoring, patient-centered value-based care, etc. tends to bring in this area to improve treatment accuracy while reducing costs. In

The digital platform is rebuilding India’s healthcare.

Today, India’s healthcare industry is critical to the acceptance of digital technology, with support from both the private and public sectors.

Dr Amit Munjar, Founder and CEO of Dr Insta, said the industry invented mobile apps, telemedicine, devices, and founded an innovation hub among other initiatives. Apart from that, the digital care platform will basically reform the delivery of healthcare in India.

High medical services and limited access to rural physicians will lead to growing demand for telemedicine services in India,

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