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Who has time for the 20-minute survey? Unless you are paying big bucks to the participants, you will not get as many participants as you would expect. Looking for high response rates and detailed reporting? This application may be for you.

The customer thermometer gives you the power to ask what you want, when you want it, and get immediate answers. You can act immediately – fix problems as they recognize and reward great service.


Studies show that participants were more likely to respond to a 4-question survey vs. a longer 20-minute survey, especially without encouragement. Like a YouTube video, customer engagement is difficult to maintain after a few minutes; Also with customer surveys. Long surveys can also cause you to lose customers.

Be able to answer it.

In this review driven world, customers provide feedback in many forms; Reviews, word of mouth, directly to the business or manufacturer, etc., and most customers are genuinely happy to respond. To retain your customers, you need to address their issues immediately, but how do you know about any issues if you don’t ask?

Sometimes, how you ask for that response will determine how much response you will get. When providing a survey, you should be able to provide the means to answer your survey on any platform. Most of the time, there is a facility to answer your questions, which answers you.

Features and setup

Setup is as easy as creating a template and sending it through the system’s integrated campaign manager. You can also send via third party applications or embed and integrate into a CRM or helpdesk service. You can also embed survey questions in your email footer.

Smart Home Air Purifier

When it comes to owning a pet. But with this, no one prefers to breathe sneezing fearlessly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or every time they enter their apartment.

Fortunately, a smart home air purifier can do a lot to solve the problem; Removing allergies to fur, excess hair and odor. There are countless smart home products to help pet owners breathe easily.

Dogs cause allergies and odors, and with the help of smart home air purifiers, you can filter the air so that your lungs and smell senses are fresh and safe.

Smart home vacuum

In your home, pets are part of the family. It does not matter whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or any other animal; Certainly the hair you have left is one of your biggest problems.

If your house is full of pet hair, then it’s time to get a smart home vacuum. This vacuum can clean the house for you and protect you from disaster.

The only dilemma is election. There are many smart home vacuums for animals available in the market. The best are those that can easily integrate with your smart home, and are an app for control. If you have a large house, choose a vacuum that has a good battery life.

Many modern retail businesses have gone from an old cash register to a full point of sale (POS) to manage and complete customer transactions.

Many point-of-sale systems rely on computers to process and store transaction information; Many systems use a computer similar to a standard desktop system as a central component.

It is the reality that small and medium companies need to automate the processes of entry and exit of goods; It does not matter whether you have a store, a restaurant, a boutique, etc., you should keep an eye on your sales and know the current inventory to make the right decision and this will help you to boost your business growth and productivity Will help

Currently, the implementation of the (POS) point of sale system is no longer a luxury; A better administration and providing a better service to the customer is a necessity.

It is necessary to be clear how point of sale software can help you solve the problems that you are dealing with day to day. Read our article and learn how to choose the ideal POS system for your business.

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