Apple’s Battery Apology Could Be Its most imoprtant ever

IPhone makers often don’t say “I’m sorry”, so no apology at all. But even with other standards, statements about slowdown of iPhones and older batteries are rare and can be significant. Apple doesn’t apologize for hardware flaws like the Antennagate conflict that plagued the iPhone 4. And as of 2012, when Apple Maps was a … Read more

Developing an App or a Game? to make pac man

Yes, please believe. Retro games have made a big comeback. The Commodore 64 computer gamer was a big shock in the 1980s, but the second round was released in the upcoming $ 70 C64 Mini (a system with easy connection to 64 games, cufflinks, TVs, etc.). Provides peripheral equipment. Nintendo, on the other hand, is … Read more

How Technology in Retail will Help is an making to true

In 2017, the retail sector faced various challenges from a government-level policy transformation, technology perspective, and working capital perspective to sustainability. Success after 2018 depends primarily on engagement with each brand / retailer Indian retailers account for over 14% of gross domestic product and about 8% of work, and in 2017 there were many opportunities, … Read more

A VC Perspective – How Valid Is the Threat in the job market

We are living in an era of advanced technology that is changing the future rapidly. Who would have ever thought of a self-driving car or robot with human features, but here it coexists with humans. Artificial intelligence is the technology that brought about this great revolution. Video games, personal assistants, smart cars, smartphones, chatbots, and … Read more