How to Optimize Website Speed the Right Way

Google has made it simple for users to view information using select snippets. The snippet in particular appears as one of the search results on the Google search engine. The search engine result page (SERP) is no longer filled with links to other websites. The special snippet provides an answer to the question asked in … Read more

iStock Quick Survey Media Technology Concept

Who has time for the 20-minute survey? Unless you are paying big bucks to the participants, you will not get as many participants as you would expect. Looking for high response rates and detailed reporting? This application may be for you. The customer thermometer gives you the power to ask what you want, when you … Read more

Innovative Trends that Will Transform industry

The Indian healthcare industry in recent years has undergone major changes with the help of several technological innovations. Many new players in this sector have redesigned the old technology and treatment and brought medical facilities to the far corner of the country. Recently, Deloitte Touche Thomas Twind has predicted that the US healthcare market, valued … Read more

Here’s Why You Should be the formula in there way

Blockchain created Bitcoin 10 years ago, but today’s cryptocurrency virus is better than its parents. Especially this year, there has been a sharp rise in the price and scheme of Bitcoin. Blockchain has been in the spotlight for the last few years, but there can be three categories that can be divided. One of them … Read more

How to Ensure the Success of the interior designer

Interior design is art and science that creates an easy space on the eyes with beautiful aesthetics and overall. Interior design is a multi-faceted profession that includes concept development, space planning, site inspection, programming, research, communications and project stakeholders, construction management and design execution. Remember that it’s not just about the product Interior design is … Read more