How Will the Indian E-commerce is in the industry

Today, American consumers are looking to buy most of their products online, whether they are ordering for daily use or luxury goods like electronics. They prefer the comfort of ordering what they want from the comfort of home. If you are not satisfied, you have options such as cash on delivery and return. India’s e-commerce … Read more

How Complex Matrices, Spotting Technology is making business thing

Today, companies and their management face a different set of challenges than 20 years ago. The challenge at the time was to gather information that would help make strategic decisions for market success, as the information was stored in multiple and very accessible bulkheads. With the advent of the Internet, the asymmetry of existing information … Read more

How Indian E-Commerce Industry is coming in this year

Three e-commerce players mark the spot on India’s unicorn list. They played an important role in strengthening the country’s emerging ecosystem. But their growth stories are full of twists and turns. Despite the increasing losses, loss reports have questioned many experts on the journey of these startups. The challenges facing the Indian e-commerce industry are … Read more

Does Your Designation Read Chief Digital in the best thing to do

India and all other companies in the world are exploring options to maximize business and technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. According to a recent survey by Accenture, $ 1 trillion last year (nearly half of India’s GDP) was spent digitizing around the world. But the results do not seem promising enough. … Read more

An SME’s Guide to Leveraging Online for digital marketing

In recent years, consumer behavior has shifted from brick to click. One of the biggest challenges facing physical stores today is competition from e-commerce websites. A strong online presence is not an option, but an essential necessity for today’s ambitious business. In the last quarter of the decade, the use of the Internet has increased … Read more