Sound Wave Technology is Poised to in future

Currently, the challenge is that the current stage of technology has not yet been addressed, especially in terms of accessibility for those who cannot use the Internet. By 2022, about 450 million Indians are expected to own and operate smartphones, an increase of more than 125% from 2015 usage. As of September 30, 2017, according … Read more

How to Optimize Website Speed the Right Way

Google has made it simple for users to view information using select snippets. The snippet in particular appears as one of the search results on the Google search engine. The search engine result page (SERP) is no longer filled with links to other websites. The special snippet provides an answer to the question asked in … Read more

iStock Quick Survey Media Technology Concept

Who has time for the 20-minute survey? Unless you are paying big bucks to the participants, you will not get as many participants as you would expect. Looking for high response rates and detailed reporting? This application may be for you. The customer thermometer gives you the power to ask what you want, when you … Read more

Choosing Lambdatest for Selenium Automation

In the world of software development, it is very important to never forget about the testing phase. This topic has been heard by a developer during his working life: from the time he started studying, until he retired, going through articles like this; And this is the way to maintain a minimal quality in any … Read more

Making Sense of Digital Technology in this mordern era

This is the time when we are working on a series of technical reports and forecasts. Almost all analysts and consulting firms-Gartner, Forrester, IDC, BCG, and system integrators such as Deloitte, Accenture, Boutique, Broadcast, Press Releases, Tweets, “Top 20”, “Top 10” podcasts and other listings. Started announcing. Technology may change the business over the next … Read more

5 Technology Ideas to Lead is retail pricing

The market has witnessed a huge evolution since its humble beginnings as an exchange system, and with the advent of digitization and regulation, the growth graph is regular retail of the new Zenith at the top. Competition rates and consumer sensitivity have increased so retailers have no choice but to adopt new practices. Older mom … Read more

That Will Change in the upcoming years

The biggest advantage of information technology is that it allows people to do what they want to do. It allows people to be creative. It increases people’s productivity. In a sense, all possibilities are possible.” – Remarks to famous American CEO and former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer. As the quote above suggests, information technology … Read more

Why You Should Have the AI Mindset in the big market

The technology over the past decade has led to massive adoption to help marketers find their audience with the right message. The achievements in regards to them are tools that have made great strides and advances in managing day-to-day activities. In late 2010, IBM introduced Watson. This is the first computer analysis system that has … Read more

Importance of Data Security use of AI in the industry

Data is power in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). And in countries like India, the range of AI is huge, especially in the healthcare field. From precision medicine and remote data management to diagnostics and predictive analytics, healthcare technology is making great strides. However, these innovations also introduce new security challenges, especially regarding personal … Read more