Developing an App or a Game? to make pac man

Yes, please believe. Retro games have made a big comeback.

The Commodore 64 computer gamer was a big shock in the 1980s, but the second round was released in the upcoming $ 70 C64 Mini (a system with easy connection to 64 games, cufflinks, TVs, etc.). Provides peripheral equipment. Nintendo, on the other hand, is at the heart of this revival, sold through retailer inventory of classic SNES.

These old titles are not only nostalgic, but also the simplest gameplay terms, with innocent themes and graphics to grace and predictability ahead of the enthusiastic pace of today’s high-tech and hypertralescent apps.

A game that revives an old game.

The implications here are also proven by the record-breaking and high-quality turnaround, but it is a kind of approach that goes back to the basics with an emotional pinpoint of technology last year.

A message for entrepreneurs? Anyone trying to build or extend a software or business product may want to be careful.

Wonders of the modern mobile era is fast portable multitasking. But the very small tasks that flock around people are overwhelming. They may feel they are falling “behind” – not being able to check jobs on the list at this time unless they are rewarded on the spot.

Retro games incorporate this process into the approach. As the world becomes more complex, moments and satisfies are welcomed, and the basics of satisfaction are the simple and easy game mechanics to complete the retro game function.

Do you remember?

Play using the old-style approach, skip to question mark blocks, find mushrooms and enjoy beautiful and memorable sound effects. Drop down the hole to access the underground level.

Even the mantra that “practice is perfect” seems to be more essential for retro games. Even the most complex games can be learned in practice, but it is a catharsis to sharpen your skills with the simple but encouraging tasks of old video games. Take Victor Sandberg for example.

In 2013, according to The Road, marathon gamers Sandberg spent more than 56 hours breaking the 30-year-old record high score in 1980 Arcade Game Missile Command. This created a legacy of returns that would allow him to interact more with this game.

What is noteworthy here is whether it is a computer game or a task manager, modern software making retro games does not provide a quick way for people to complete something and get a sense of accomplishment.

It can be imitated. Certainly, some of today’s apps already have that simplicity and “perfect practice” quality. The player can hide a job by swiping the job to the left.

Importantly, entrepreneurs can follow this trend and use the same types that like retro games. The steps are as follows:

Complex software can discourage users, whether they are games or social media applications. Even people who have difficulty learning the software function will advance without the magic component of satisfaction. Frustration is not fun for everyone.

A great way to keep your app simple is to avoid ramps.

This is a problem that arises when a project evolves beyond the original concept and the results are unstable. The military seems particularly vulnerable to this problem. For example, as Ars Technica explains, $ 6 billion was wasted on a failed radio project.

Split Scope can actually disrupt apps and other projects, drive up to challenging complexity, and lose the original mission and vision app.

Instead, always focus on user happiness and get your project on the right track. It is important to ensure that the game or application is in harmony with the user by testing users frequently. These tests assess the level of user satisfaction or frustration and generate insights that guide project decisions.

In short, you can work on completing what you already have, not just moving your project to new features.

 Make it attractive.

But simplicity is not everything. Users also require engagement. Beauty, taste, fantasy and reward mechanism all contribute significantly to driving user engagement.

Starbucks fulfills this commitment with the look and feel of the app. The app colors and fonts match those of the brand, and the app also provides a smooth user experience. In fact, at the end of 2015, Business Insider reported that the Starbucks app was responsible for 21% of the company’s U.S. transactions.

In addition to aesthetics and functionality, app gamification facilitates engagement. This term is often associated with badges and dots, but it means splitting the work into smaller months.

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